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Baton Rouge, LA ยท Posted on 07/27/2022

Louisiana law firm will be hosting 2 2-hour, in-person focus groups at a hotel conference room in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Each focus group will last for 2 hours. The morning focus group will go from 9 am – 11 am. The afternoon focus group will go from 1 pm – 3 pm. You will be paid $100 in cash after you give your opinion at the conclusion of the presentation. Each participant may only participate in one focus group. The presentation will consist of live testimony and presentations by two different sides. The presentation can best be described as a mock trial. At the end of the presentation, you will be asked to give your honest opinion regarding your impressions of the presentation. Everyone who is over the age of 22 and a US citizen is eligible to participate.

If you are eligible, please send the following information via email to :

Full Legal Name; Gender; Age; Ethnicity; Marital Status; Parish of Residence; Highest Education Degree Obtained; Employment Status; Occupation/Job Description (if unemployed, last or most typical job); Employer (if unemployed, the last industry you worked in); Spouse’s Occupation (if applicable); Spouse’s Employer (if applicable); Phone Number; Have you ever participated in research and been paid for your opinion?; Hobbies; City / Town of Residence; Zip Code; How many years have you resided in this area?; Have you lived in other cities/regions?; your preference for the morning or afternoon focus group*No answer to the previous questions will make it any more or less likely that you will be chosen.

The objective of the focus group is to simulate a jury, which is drawn from a randomized selection of people that reside in a particularized area.

Once your eligibility is verified and you are selected you will be sent the address of the location where the focus group will take place (it is a hotel conference room in the Baton Rouge area).

If selected, you will also be notified of your selection for the morning or afternoon session.
If selected, upon arrival you will be asked to sign a non – disclosure / confidentiality agreement.

You will be asked to bring a valid government-issued I.D. verifying your identity and address on the day of the event.

*Compensation is $100 in cash. Parking, coffee, and water will be provided.
*You will be paid once you give your opinion, prior to leaving the event, in cash.
*Dress code is business casual
*Eligibility is not a guarantee of receiving work.
*Once chosen, a strict confidentiality agreement is required.
*Pursuant to the confidentiality agreement, we will never sell, rent, share, or otherwise giveaway any of your information.
*We will NEVER try to sell you anything.
***The account that posted this advertisement is not affiliated with the focus group and does not have any information regarding the focus group or its hosts. Do not contact the account that posted this. You must email in order to be considered.

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