Focus Group About Tax Filing

Nationwide, USA ยท Posted on 02/21/2024

 We are asking people for their views about filing taxes and for their feedback on a new online tax filing tool from the IRS.

We invite you to participate in an online research session between February 20 and April 30.

We are looking to include a variety of viewpoints, from people who have never filed to those who always file their taxes. Remote interviews will range from 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute phone or Zoom calls to 3-hour-long Zoom sessions.

You will receive between $25 and $225 to thank you for your time and assistance.

If this sounds interesting, please click the link below and answer our pre-screening questions. I will call (from the 415 area code) to speak with you if you match one of the sessions requirements.

Click here to apply

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