How to Join More Focus Groups and Get Paid

Focus groups are a great way to make extra money throughout the year. Brands and companies want to know what consumers think about their product, brand, competition, or ideas. We post hundreds of focus group opportunities per month. Here are 5 tips to join more focus groups and get paid.

How to Join More Focus Groups
We post hundreds of focus group opportunities per month

Apply as soon as you can

Some local studies are only looking for 12-24 participants in total. Nationwide studies will be larger but will get applications from all across the country. Focus Groups can fill up fast, so if you see a study you are interested in, apply as soon as you can!

Give thoughtful answers

When you apply for a focus group study you will most likely fill out a pre-qualifying survey. Think of it like a job application. Don’t give one word answers. Researchers are looking for participants who can elaborate on their answers with details. If you can put together thoughtful answers on a survey, researchers will be confident you can do the same during the actual focus group session.

Be honest

If you hate Pepsi, don’t claim to love it just so you can participate. Researchers and algorithms are very skilled at snuffing out bogus answers, and you will get disqualified.

Answer the phone when called

If you appear to qualify to participate in a focus group study, a recruiter will contact you with a phone call. During the call they will follow up with you about some of your answers. If all goes well they will invite you to join the focus group study.

  • If you don’t answer they will move on to the next person.

  • If a recruiter leaves you a voicemail try to return the call ASAP!

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